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Arthur De Witte

Freelance Software Engineer

Realize your dream website, API, or script! With more than 5 years of experience, any project gets built in no time! And because of the knowledge acquired at HOWEST University, you can be sure your projects are developed proffesionally!

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The Pincer project!


The Python programming language

In august 2021 I started a new Python library for Discord with my friend Sigmanificient . My main role in this project was to write the core logic and writing the library interactions. (commands, etc)

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The firefly project!


The Rust programming language

Because I’m learning rust, I wanted to make an app in rust that I could actually use. I wanted something simple to be able to store my session tokens, but it also had to be performant. So Firefly was born, a 7mb DB.

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The PayDay project!


The vue web framework The Typescript programming language The laravel framework

Empower your finances. Effortlessly track and manage expenses with our intuitive app. Laravel and Vue TypeScript combine for a seamless user experience. Made for my Howest computer science course.

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The 3dots project!


The Kotlin programming language Cloudflare workers The Typescript programming language

A stock market app created with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. Which is on a serverless edge backend via Cloudflare workers with typescript. Data is stored serverless on Planetscale.

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